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It’s generally recognised these days that websites need to feature video, to help SEO, visitor engagement and increasingly for ease of use on tablets and smart phones.

Based on my experience what is less well understood is the different roles video can play and the how this affects the levels of engagement.

I would say there are four distinct levels:

Level 1 – This is who we are

In its simplest form this is the corporate video, generally a mixture of people, products, services all mixed up with a few logos and building tours. A great start, but just that, a start. Useful if people don’t know much about your organisation, could sit on your home page, will only be watched the once.

Level 2 – This is what we do

Now we’re getting a bit more interesting, you might have one video per product/service category or for online retailers (e-tailers YUK) one per product or service. Generally covers features, benefits and applications. Could be live action or perhaps animation. Pricing and special offers are seldom covered by video in all but the biggest companies because of their limited shelf-life.

Level 3 – This is how we work

Less selling, more sharing, important if you want to use video as content on social networks. Videos typically cover history, people, investments, the environment, R&D etc., what might be categorised as PR news, the stories behind the organisation. It might also include customer testimonials and a video version of FAQs on the website. If they are going to go viral they will be from this category.

Level 4 – This is what people think

Again this could include customer testimonials but generally is user generated content ranging from product reviews to the bazar phenomenon of unpackaging videos. If your product is being used by consumers chances are someone is shooting video. Whether or not you choose to engage with this, it has to be acknowledged and, in potentially damaging cases, dealt with.

Generally the higher up the levels you go the more interesting and engaging the content and the larger the potential audience. Also the more likely it is survive and potentially flourish outside the confines of your website.

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