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Like most forms of marketing PR is having to adapt to the multi-channel age. It is no longer enough to simply write a press release, take a few snaps and send them off to the editor of a newspaper or trade journal and hope for the best. Video is the perfect tool to enhance all public relations activities.

PR and Video

There are four broad roles for video:

Event Coverage

the most obvious option, recording the announcement or launch in real time. The video can then be sent to the various news outlets, hosted on the organisation’s own website and social media so non-attendees can experience the event for themselves. It can even be broadcast in real-time to other locations around the world using the Internet.

Here is something we did for RoSPA

Enhancing the Event

by providing additional background material for use at the event itself, showing history, processes, testimonials, personal endorsements, etc. This material can then be incorporated in any post-event video material produced.

Here is something we did for Bonmarche

Improved Access

if it is relevant and engaging a video will spread beyond the confines of the channels controlled directly by the organisation. Good video will be shared and linked to and this will in turn boost the SEO of the news item and the organisation.

Here is something we did for Hunters

Archive Data

An important record of events and news that can be re-used again and again for PR and in other marketing collateral.

Here is something we did for BNI Yorkshire

The latest video technology means that the filming itself is not intrusive, editing is quick and the finished production can work on any platform, including broadcast. BUT the success of any video project depends on the planning and ensuring that the role of video is considered from the outset, rather than as an afterthought.

So if you are planning a PR project call Business Web TV.

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