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You can’t go a day without seeing a news article on the growing importance of social media, but how relevant is social media to recruitment?

Social media is becoming an increasingly dominant feature in company’s recruitment strategies. A survey conducted by XpertHR found that employers tend to use social media at the early, candidate attraction stage of recruitment, promoting themselves as an employer and developing their brand amongst job seekers, ultimately driving applicants to the organisations corporate careers website.


Using social media for recruitment

Social media has the potential to reach vast audiences at minimal costs; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are identified as the three most popular social media sites for recruitment advertising, but in this over crowded, over informed market place, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Posting relevant, regular content is vital to engage interest, attract and ultimately retain followers, so why not use video? Video is a quick and concise way to showcase your company’s values and culture; video can be viewed cross-platforms, anywhere, anytime and is easily shared among social media sites, so for more information on how you can use video, get in touch and start interesting, engaging and attracting new talent to your organisation.

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