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There are a number of free and low cost video streaming platforms available to the business users that provide the facility to broadcast your event live to an audience anywhere in the world. All you need is a camera, lights and a microphone and watch out BBC!

So is live streaming something customers are asking for and something businesses should invest in?

Broadcasting Live

Real-time video does have some great things going for it but there are limitations that will restrict the appeal. If we look to how much TV broadcast by the networks these days is live vs recorded? – very little.
Most organisations put video on the Internet because they want as many people to see it as possible but of course you can simply use the technology as a conduit. So if you have important news or you want to limit information to an exclusive group, real-time may be the way to go.

Some information, especially when it comes to legal or financial matters, has to be made available to all the members of a group at the same time. A live broadcast is a good way to control that. Assuming viewers know the broadcast is live it will have a more newsworthy and edgy feel to it, a certain energy and feeling that anything might happen.

The biggest issue is lack of control. With a recorded video you have the option to edit it to remove unnecessary or undesirable content and ultimately not show it at all. You are also at the mercy of the equipment you are using, everyone is immediately aware of a lighting or sound failure. In addition if you have no control over who is speaking or what is said it could create problems.

When selecting a platform you need to consider if there are any limits on how many people can watch simultaneously (the free applications tend to be very limited). Also do viewers need to download and install software, which some may be reluctant to do, and how do you restrict access to the uninvited? Here are some of the best known streaming platforms:

Streaming is not for every business but if you want something a bit more newsworthy, with more of an edgy feel to it, or perhaps a feeling that anything might happen, it may be an option to consider.

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