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Here are my suggestions for how business video will continue to develop over the next 12 months…

1. Content

We will continue to see a trend that has developed over the last couple of years for businesses move away from the simple corporate video and testimonial to something with higher production values. The basic business overview is a good place to start but people now expect to see something more original and engaging and that generally means professional actors or presenters and more motion graphics/animation. User produced content still has a role to play but increasing this will be done professionally, for example using Vine.

2. Hosting

YouTube will be the place where most business continues to be hosted. 94% of marketers currently use YouTube vs just 50% using Vimeo. The tie into Google is the main reason for this. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn will have growing role, but in addition to YouTube rather than a replacement.

3. Email Marketing

The most dramatic growth area in 2013 has been video used in email marketing form virtually nothing two years ago to 60% of marketers using it regularly. A generally levelling off of spam issues and an acceptance of video content by consumers and business users alike will drive that percentage up to 80%+.

4. SEO

With the constant tinkering by Google of its algorithms video and the sharing of video links is seen as a very important tool by marketers. Expect great efforts when it comes to tagging, captions and sharing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

5. Paid for Video Advertising

All the major pay-per-click advertising platforms now have video options. Google and YouTube will continue to vacuum up most of the spend in this area although Facebook has recently launched its own offering. As with most forms of display advertising originality and good design are paramount.


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