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I’m often asked by clients if we can do a viral video for them and my standard reply is yes or course, how shocking do you want to be? Videos don’t need to be shocking to go viral but clients have to realise they may have to step outside their corporate comfort zone if they truly want to exploit social media. In some ways it is easy for companies like Red Bull to take risks they have worked tirelessly to build an edgy image that speaks to their customer base, but even they must struggle to top the last great stunt.


Assuming the client does want to create a video with a life of its own outside their website there are seven creative approaches to consider, really great video will include two or more of these…

Humour – get your customer smiling or better still laughing when they see your brand and you are half way there.

Sex – ah yes the universal appeal of the semi-clad man or woman – the more incongruous the setting the better

Cute – adorable babies, kittens and puppies, ahh

Emotion – pluck the heart strings with tales of disasters, loss and overcoming adversity (eg the X Factor back story)

Story – draw people in with an original or unexpected tale

Shocking or Unexpected – the cyclist who suddenly disappears down a whole, the fat man dancing, you get the idea

Timely – monitor what is trending in social media and develop your content accordingly

Above all be original, copying something your competitor is doing or one of the big brands will quite rightly open you up to ridicule and coverage on social media for the wrong reasons.

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