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Marketing Week recently ran an article stating that charities were missing out on 665 million in donations each year; due to their lack of engagement with potential supporters.

Charities are failing to effectively evidence and explain how their donations are being used and the impact a small donation could have.

Digital platforms such as online video and social media are great methods to promote a charities cause. Online video and social media are highly shareable are relatively low-cost; however according to industry observers charities are failing to capitalise on these channels and engage with potential supporters. The Charities Aid Foundation found that donations fell 20 per cent last year, due to pressures on disposable income, highlighting the need for charities to do more to encourage donations.

Benefits of Online Video:

Last month YouTube found that 1 billion unique users were visiting the website every month, signifying the importance of video in todays society and the opportunity for charities to capitalise on the growth of online video.

Video offers charities the opportunity to showcase their good work and inform supporters exactly where their donations go and the significant difference a small donation can make. Charities need to tell an informative and emotive story to motivate people to take action. We constantly see the typical tear-jerking charity adverts on the TV but rarely in videos online.

Yet compared to traditional TV adverts, online videos can be shared instantly with the potential to go viral and trend worldwide, aiding donations and increasing brand awareness. A further advantage of online video is that they can provide links to campaigns taking users directly to sites to donate and volunteer; facilitating viewers to easily take action, while the advert and charity is fresh in their mind.

But where to start?

If you are interested in creating an online video for your charity, talk to us at Business Web TV; a division of Stuart Hirst, we are a professional video and multi-media production company that can advise you on the best content and technologies for your cause, encouraging new donations and support for the future.

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