If picture is worth a thousand words, what about video?

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Five Reasons Why Business Videos Fail

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I’m often surprised when I hear about organisations that have tried video but consider it didn’t work for them. After a bit of digging it appears most had a poor experience due to one or more of the following:


The number one reason a video fails to get the right message across to the right audience is a bad concept. It needs to be relevant, engaging and if at all possible original. Also will your message actually work on video? Any kind of video should be viewed as a potential advertisement for your organisation and, like an advertisement, it has to be planned carefully and executed with precision.

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Fix it in Post Production

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Another great post from the brilliant Tom Fishburne makes the good point about expecting an agency to pick up the pieces when things are badly planned. The need for thorough planning is especially important when it come to video, so often a client will expect a crew to turn up with no clear idea what they want and the biref is to ‘film a bit of everything’ and sort it out in the edit.

Fortunately Business Web TV doesn’t work that way we come up with the creative ideas, then script and storyboard everything before we start work. That way we can guarantee an entertaining and engaging video that complements and enhances our clients’ other marketing activities.

New website goes live!

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The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed our website has changed, for the better! We’d had the old site for nearly three years but it was no longer up to the job, it took forever to upload new videos and didn’t really reflect the business as it is today.

The new site was developed by our sister company Stuart Hirst in record time and now has nearly 40 examples of videos we have produced over the past two years, plus all the usual gubbins about our wonderful services. It is amazing to think how many clients we now work with and the diverse range of  projects completed.

We’d love to hear form our clients about what you think, and if you’ve not worked with Business Web TV look at what you’re missing!