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Animated video for business

1. Sell the Dream
Sometimes you want to start selling the product, project or idea while it’s still on the drawing board. We can bring it to life using animation, we can even build a video from a client’s engineering drawings

2. Keep it Clean
With the best will in the world many processes like engineering or construction can be very messy – this might deter some customers or make it difficult to show what is really going on. Using animation will clean it up.

3. Health & Safety/Access
Shooting a live action video can be seriously limited by health and safety issues, access to areas or disruption to people or processes. All of which can also have serious cost implications.

4. Weather & Seasons
In the UK especially weather can be a problem and changing seasons affect the environment and the amount of light available. In the animated world it’s always summer (or winter, or spring…)

5. Engage with your Audience
Everyone has a favourite Pixar movie – animation helps you engage with customers of all ages by standing out from the crowd.

6. People Everywhere
The most costly part of any video shoot is the people, crew, actors, presenters and extras, the costs soon ramp up. Creating complicated scenes is much cheaper on a computer.

7. International
Once you have created your animated video it is easy to change the captions and voice-over to a different language. To do the same with a live action video generally requires some kind of re-shoot.

8. Motion Graphics
Animation can easily be integrated with various other styles including live action, stock footage and motion graphics.

9. Super Style
Match your in-house style, choose from a wide range of animation techniques, from flat 2D cartoons to photo realistic 3D.

10. Cost
Animation is a very cost effective way to add video to your website or social media activities. As a general rule if you need more than one presenter and a cameraman it may be cheaper to animate.

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